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♥Wednesday, January 12, 2011
I realize I'm not much of an actor after all
 I stared,
unable to believe who the fuck walked in
my jaw dropped
my heart stopped beating for 
exactly 5 seconds
something was in my chest
it was unbearable 
can't breath at all.

I still had to smile

I went upstairs and vomit everything out.

♥Sunday, January 2, 2011
I am the type of person 
my parents warned me about.

Welcome to My blog.
Yeah,this is charmainism.blogspot.com,do not mess with me,because I'm scary.
i love.. shopping. family. friends. iceCreams having a good time. and if u don't like me, then get your shit and leave.
That IceQueen.
edges and angles.
not in a relationship.

Those lies.
Please leave a tag. [:

Beloved ones.

unlimited chocolate ice-creams forever.XD
my HEART back.

That Spinning Music

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