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♥Saturday, November 28, 2009
I know I should be studying but on an impulse I googled "Things to do before you graduate colledge" the results were boring.......stuff like join clubs, get to know one of your lecturer very well stuff like that.
Then i just googled " crazy things to do" and my god... the results made me laugh so hard and i became happier ^^
this is my fav. crazy things to do in the mall.
hahahaha...... soo funny...
and i'm so going to try then out. can't wait.
we really should live live to the fullest and do crazy things while we're young.
so we can reminisce about it when we are old and toothless.
at least we did something fun in our lives.. hahaha
but I dun think i'll try the pickking your nose and eat it la... tooo disgusting. eww.
stay tuned for more "things to do" post

♥Friday, November 27, 2009
Haih I knew all good things will come to an end.
It's time to say goodbye T.T
Goodbye to..
my beloved..
the one that keeps me happy in kampar...
raining season........... T.T (seriously,i really feel like crying cuz of this.) wuu wuu wuu~
I hate hot weather. hate it hate it hate it.argh.
hot weather makes me mad.
hot weather makes me sweat.
hot weather makes my emotions go haywire.
I'm angry. pissed. upset. moody. feel. like. crying. all. the. time.
I cannot emphasize how much I hate this freaking hot weather.
somebody save me. T.T wuu wuu wuu~~

♥Saturday, November 21, 2009
Okay, I'm new at this so no making fun of me.
For the past few years I've seen and heard about other people's blogs. and i asked myself should I have 1?
and this year after asking many people about it... i decided to have one.
at 1st i wanted to create one before I went to utar. didn't happen.
then i said during sem break. didn't happen.
then i said on my birthday. well my birthday came and went and... didn't happen.
so now....on this insignificant day.... I, Charmaine Wong Chze Yen, created her 1st blog. big applause please

a few things about myself
my name is Charmaine, nice name I know.
I'm 18 this year
born on oct 23rd 1991
currently has curly hair

my lil bro
chocolate ice-cream... in fact, any ice-cream will do
my collection of bracelets and big rings
skinny jeans
antique clothes and jewelaries

anything that's not ice-cream on my ice-cream. like sprinkles and stuff
anywhere hot

I'm messy. flaky. moody. irresponsible. arrogant.

That's abit about myself..

Stay tuned...

Welcome to My blog.
Yeah,this is charmainism.blogspot.com,do not mess with me,because I'm scary.
i love.. shopping. family. friends. iceCreams having a good time. and if u don't like me, then get your shit and leave.
That IceQueen.
edges and angles.
not in a relationship.

Those lies.
Please leave a tag. [:

Beloved ones.

unlimited chocolate ice-creams forever.XD
my HEART back.

That Spinning Music

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